Sep 22, 13FAQ

Q:  How to differentiate the quality of equipments in the game.
A:  There are in Green – Blue – Purple – Orange in low-to-high sort.

Q:  How to build equipment?
A:  Open Forge panel after collecting enough materials; click Transmute card and select the proper weapon. Ingredient for making top-level equipment will be unlocked with level up of character without additional learning.

Q:  Why can’t I enhance equipment?
A:  Level of equipment enhancement and character should be the same. For each promoted level of character, equipment will be able to be enhanced to a higher level.

Q:  How to enhance life value of character?
A:  After level reaches to 25, upgrade pets or enhance weapons; when costume level reaches to 10, combine with God soul.

Q: How many heroes can I take with and how to recall heroes who left team?
A:  Increasing the number of team heroes and members in battle can be done by upgrading the rank. You can have max ten players with five in battle. The left heroes can be recalled at Gods council.

Q:  How to get a senior hero?
A:  You can recruit in tavern of each city and update after each refresh.

Q:  How to switch character skills?
A:  Skills can be switched at the Stunt skill bar of Character Panel.

Q: How to get character skills?
A: Collect skill cards from ordinary instance BOSS. The higher instance level is, the more powerful new skills you’ll get.

Q: How many times could hero instance be entered?
A: Instance can be smashed once a day and can restart hero instance by using gold. Upgrading VIP level can increase the number of restart.

Q: How to activate difficulty level of instance?
A: Difficulty level will be activated after ordinary level clearance, in which it will drop more advanced equipment materials.

Q: How to quickly upgrade adjutant’s level?
A:  Exchange of experience in tavern with martial soul card. Adjutant can upgrade quickly with EXP card.

Q: Where it can be in effect to increase the pet’s property?
A:  It can be effective in all gameplay contents.