Sep 22, 13Arena

Activates when players reaches lvl 20.
\Enter arena by clicking on arena icon on the top interface.
The arena will be open at 6am every day, chest reward will be refreshed every four hours, and players can plunder during these four hours. Players can draw rewards when countdown ends, or the system will send directly. Players can click “Draw” or click chest icon on interface.
The system chest will refresh when sending period ends, and arena will open for plunder. It refreshes every 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm. It will close after 10pm and open at 6am in the next day.
Arena is the only place you can collect soul crystals.
Plunder them when you see someone has it, it’s the only way you can promote level of heroes.
Chest awards:
1. The chest awards are random.
2. Chests in the same rewards, more advanced the quality, more awards.
Ranking rewards:
Rewards will be sent to the corresponding players according to their rank in the arena every two days.