Oct 31, 13Halloween events

1 Oh,It's Orange
Duration: 10.31 0:00 - 11.4 0:00
Content: Recharge during the event to claim corresponding rewards.
500 Gold Purple Diamond×20 Random Purple Soul Chest×1 Dragonshard×3 Orange Pumpkin×5
1000 Gold Purple Diamond×45 Random Purple Soul Chest×2 Dragonshard×5 Orange Pumpkin×10
2000 Gold Purple Diamond×100 Random Orange Soul Chest×1 Dragonshard×10 Orange Pumpkin×20
5000 Gold Purple Diamond×300 Random Orange Soul Chest×2 Dragonshard×25 Orange Pumpkin×50
10000 Gold Random Orange Hero Card×1 Random Orange Soul Chest×3 Dragonshard×50 Orange Pumpkin×100
20000 Gold Random Orange Hero Card×2 Random Orange Soul Chest×5 Dragonshard×100 Orange Pumpkin×200
1 During the event, the player can claim corresponding rewards by recharging a certain amount of Gold.   For example, the player can claim all the rewards from 500 Gold to 5000 Gold if he/she recharges 6000 Gold.
2 When you open the chest, you will only get a pet soul that shares the same color as the chest.


2 Pumpkin Boss
Duration: 10.31 0:00 - 11.6 0:00
Content: During the event, players can challenge Halloween Pumpkin in event dungeon.
How to get Purple Pumpkin: You can obtain the pumpkin by defeating Pumpkin Boss in team mode.
Note You have 10 daily chances to challenge Halloween Pumpkin.
3 Hero Recruit
Duration: 10.31 0:00 - 11.9 0:00
Content: During the event, players can transmute Purple and Orange Pumpkins into Orange Hero Pack.
Orange Hero Pack: Double click to get corresponding hero and Orange Soul Crystal*200
You can get Purple Pumpkin by defeating Pumpkin Boss in team mode.
You can get Orange Pumpkin in Accumulative Recharge.
Double click the Orange Pumpkin to randomly get one of the following items
Auto-Adjustable Pink Equipment Box
Divine pet Cultivation Liquid*3
Treasure Map*2
Lv 5 Silver Card*50
Purple Zodiac Card Chest
Purple Soul Crystal Card(small)*3
Purple Diamond Card*10
Double click the Purple Pumpkin to randomly get one of the following items
Treasure Map*1
Lv 4 Silver Card*10
Blue Diamond Card*5
Blue Soul Crystal Card(small)*2
Lv 4 Silver Card*15
Lv 4 Silver Card*30