Jan 12, 15POPPACE Closed Beta Test

POPPACE has been working hard in developing and publishing high-quality free-to-play games. Soon, we will launch a Closed Beta Test of POPPACE official website (www.poppace.com). The Closed Beta Test will bring over 1,000 great mini flash game titles to the website in succession and also introduce a POPPACE user leveling mechanism. During the Closed Beta Test, you will earn experience while playing game on our official website. Higher level POPPACE users will enjoy more benefits in the future.
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If you find any bug during the test or have any suggestion, feel free to email us at stella@poppace.com, providing the following information:
Your POPPACE account name (Please sign your account into www.poppace.com and check your account name at the top right corner):
One POPPACE published web based game you have been playing recently
One server of the game you have been playing in recently
Your character name in the server
Description of bug/suggestion
Related website address of bug/suggestion
Screenshots of bug/suggestion
Please provide all of the required information, or you will not receive any reward. We will check and evaluate all bugs and suggestions carefully, and reward players accordingly.
Thanks for your continued support!